Inception ♚ Percy Jackson & The Olympians [1] - ⟬Chapter Four⟭ (2024)


The Luck Runs Bare Eventually


"On guard!" Andy glanced to her left at Percy with a flat expression as the boy dramatically wielded one of her crutches like a sword. "You're gonna hurt yourself." She muttered, turning back to her book. As expected, the boy didn't quit. "Come on," he whined, "I'm bored, and we can't go swimming in the rain. Come play!" Andy squinted at the pages, huffing as the words just began blurring."You can go swimming in the rain, so, go swim. I'll be here with my stupid, broken foot."

Percy flopped in front of her with a huff, her crutches scattered between them. "It's not fun alone—and your foot's not broken. You just got a cool shark bite." Andy's eye twitched, the girl lowering her book in exasperation. She'd been adamant that it wasn't a shark but four other opinions were enough to push her into silent disagreement, the girl simply scowling at the mention of it."Fine," she grumbled, reaching for one of the pillows supporting her back to whack Percy as hard as she could manage sitting down. "You weren't on guard." She smiled innocently when the boy popped back up, dishevelled and scowling.


"Andy, baby, what are you looking at?" Andromeda didn't answer at first, staring at the ground disturbed by her great-grandmother's tree. There was nothing discernible other than some drag marks and a half-dug hole like someone, or something, had been searching for an important item and given up halfway through. Although what would be hidden underneath an olive tree, she wasn't entirely sure because whatever had been digging had been big and frantic. The dig patterns were similar to when her dog dug holes in the yard, often to help with planting so everyone benefitted.

It hadn't been Gus, a fact she was sure about. He was inside, Rick still trying to coax him awake and off the couch so they could finally leave before the sunset. Her mom had insisted that where they were going, where Percy and Sally were, they'd be staying there a few days to a week at most and that it was a nightmare to navigate at night. Said place had yet to be said by name but it was only an hour further into the island so Andy discerned it wasn't far.

"Andy?" The girl straightened up but didn't look toward her mother as the woman neared in her bewilderment. Her eyes flitted to her bare arms instead, the goosebumps and hair raised bringing a frown to her lips. It was a warm, summer night, not a cold breeze in sight and at first, the girl didn't feel anxious but with each passing second, she was well on her way there. Her trembling hand slapped against the back of her neck as the flesh there prickled uncomfortably but Andy had little time to dwell on the freakish reaction of her body as a deep, stomach-curdling growl echoed just to her right.

"Andy," her mother's voice was a strained whisper, her desperate exhale of her name almost lost in the noise of her pounding heart as storm blue drifted over slowly and locked with milk-white.A beast stood hunched, muscles rippling as it trembled with the desire to lunge. It was built similarly to a doberman; the largest, most muscled, toothiest doberman she had ever seen. Its eyes were cloudy with no pupils to be seen and old scars littered its body, some appearing so deep, she could see the white of bone and the pink of flesh. A maw full of razor-sharp teeth stared back at her, dripping foaming saliva.

"Baby," her mother hissed quietly, her voice as faint as a breeze, "back up to me." Her locked knees disagreed vehemently with that command, Andy having to tense the muscles in her neck to keep her eyes on the monstrous dog lest it moved when she wasn't looking. Right now, it appeared frozen under her gaze. "I can't," she whimpered, flinching when the beast let loose another growl.

"Yes, yes you can, dove. Please, just one really big step, okay? Trust me." The girl didn't have the remaining breath to say it wasn't a matter of trust, instead using her dwindling strength to launch herself backwards as her mother pleaded. Arms wrapped around her and a thunderous snarl made her blood run cold but no pain ever came even as Andy felt herself tumbling into a roll to the ground.

Inception ♚ Percy Jackson & The Olympians [1] - ⟬Chapter Four⟭ (2024)


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